Pixodarus of Caria (Person, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Pixodarus of Caria (en), Pixodaros (de), Pixodaros (fr), Pixodaro (es), Pissodaro (it), Πιξώδαρος (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Pixodarus (en)


Pixodarus or Pixodaros (in Lycian 𐊓𐊆𐊜𐊁𐊅𐊀𐊕𐊀 Pixedara; in Greek Πιξώδαρoς; ruled 340–335 BC), was a ruler of Caria, nominally the Achaemenid Empire Satrap, who enjoyed the status of king or dynast by virtue of the powerful position his predecessors of the House of Hecatomnus (the Hecatomnids)

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