Nomisma Contributions


This editor has contributed Nomisma IDs through the following spreadsheets ( Download list):

Large (though not complete) accounting of "Greek" rulers from IGCH and the original master sheet from Google Drive.9 March 2020
Corporate entities in the Greek field of numismatics.9 March 2020
Dynasties in the Greek field of numismatics (including Parthian, Persian, etc.)9 March 2020
Broadly applicable roles derived from Greek corporate entities.6 March 2020
Test spreadsheet for Swiss denominations.11 December 2018
Swiss mint masters for the OSCAR project published by the National Museum of Switzerland6 December 2018
Mints for the Swiss type corpus OSCAR published by the National Museum of Switzerland5 December 2018
Mints for Seleucid Coins Online, as migrated to the ANS Curatorial Google Drive.26 October 2018
Seleucid denominations, as stored on the ANS Curatorial Google Drive25 October 2018
Seleucid persons, from the ANS curatorial Google Drive folder.23 October 2018
Uncertain mints for Ptolemaic Coins Online, as derived from Catherine Lorber's type corpus, Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire.9 October 2018
Seleucid mints4 October 2018
Material Updates for Nomisma (Wikidata/AAT)26 July 2018
Antigonid kings and other authorities20 April 2018
Seleucid kings and other authorities11 April 2018
Miscellaneous rulers for Hellenistic hoards in IGCH11 April 2018
Ptolemaic kings and other authorities11 April 2018
Corporate entities for Hellenistic Royal Coinages11 April 2018
Hellenistic dynasties11 April 2018
Greek denominations for Seleucid Coins Online28 November 2017
Ancient mints from PAS with a variety of concordance URIs (including the Getty TGN, which up uploaded from this spreadsheet).24 October 2015
Non-Islamic people for the Egyptian National Library31 July 2015
Islamic mints for the Egyptian National Library28 July 2015
Islamic rulers for the Egyptian National Library1 July 2015
Non-Islamic dynasties and corporate entities for Egyptian National Library12 June 2015
Islamic dynasties and corporate entities for Egyptian National Library13 May 2015
Roman Republican moneyers18 December 2014


This is a partial list of 25 of 3538 IDs created or updated by this editor ( Download list):

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Möngke Khan1 July 2020
Isis30 June 2020
Aphrodite30 June 2020
Zeus Ammon17 June 2020
Tyche17 June 2020
Serapis17 June 2020
Medusa17 June 2020
Cronus17 June 2020
Helios17 June 2020
Eros17 June 2020
Dioscuri17 June 2020
Dionysus17 June 2020
Demeter17 June 2020
Astarte17 June 2020
Poseidon17 June 2020
Segestes30 April 2020
Cherusci30 April 2020
Svoronos (1890)23 April 2020
2 1/2 obol23 April 2020
Classical Greece17 April 2020
Hellenistic Period17 April 2020
Classical Greece17 April 2020
Archaic Greece17 April 2020
Norwestern Asia Minor1 April 2020
Western Asia Minor1 April 2020