Hecatomnus of Caria (Person, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Hecatomnus of Caria (en), Hekatomnos (de), Hécatomnos (fr), Hecatomno (es), Ecatomno (it), Εκατόμνος (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Hecatomnus (en)


Hecatomnus of Mylasa or Hekatomnos (Greek: Ἑκατόμνος) was an early 4th-century BC ruler of Caria. He was the satrap (governor) of Caria for the Persian Achaemenid king Artaxerxes II (404–358 BC). However, the basis for Hecatomnus' political power was twofold: he was both a high appointed Persian official and a powerful local dynast, who founded the hereditary dynasty of the Hecatomnids.

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