tryphon (foaf:Person)

ديودوتس (ar), Дыядот Трыфан (be), Диодот Трифон (bg), Diodot Trifó (ca), Diodotos Tryfon af Seleukideriget (da), Diodotos Tryphon (de), Διόδοτος Τρύφων (el), Tryphon (en), Diodoto Trifón (es), تروفون (fa), Diodotos Tryfon (fi), Diodote Tryphon (fr), דיודוטוס טריפון (he), Diodot Tripon (hr), Diodotosz Trüphón szeleukida uralkodó (hu), Diodotos Tryphon (id), Diodoto Trifone (it), ディオドトス・トリュフォン (ja), 디오도토스 트리폰 (ko), Diodotus Tryphon (la), Diodotus Tryfon (nb), Diodotus Tryphon (nl), Diodotos Tryfon (pl), Diódoto Trífon (pt), Диодот Трифон (ru), Diodot Trifon (sh), Diodotos Tryphon (su), Diodotus Tryfon (sv), Діодот Трифон (uk), Diodotos Tryphon (vi), 狄奧多特·特里豐 (zh)
Tryphon ("Magnificent") was the pseudonym taken by the Seleucid commander Diodotus after he calimed the kingship at the death of Antiochus VI (c. 142 BC). He ruled in opposition to both Demetrius II and Antiochus VII between c. 142 and 138 BC. His authority was not recognized in Babylon, but he held Antioch and Apamea in Syria, as well as much of Phoenicia and Coele Syria. In 143/2. He struck heavy blows against both the Jews of Judaea and the generals of Demetrius II. However, in 138 BC, Antiochus VII drove him out of Syria and hounded him through Phoenicia. Tryphon was besieged first at Dora and then at Apamea before he was captured and killed in 138/7 BC. (en)