Tiridates I of Armenia (Person, Concept)

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Tiridates I of Armenia (en), Tiridate Ier d'Arménie (fr), Tiridates I de Armenia (es), Tiridate I di Armenia (it), Trdat I. (de), Τιριδάτης Α΄ της Αρμενίας (el)Additional labels


Tiridates I (Parthian: 𐭕𐭉𐭓𐭉𐭃𐭕, Tīridāt; Greek: Τιριδάτης, Tiridátes) was King of Armenia beginning in 53 and the founder of the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia. The dates of his birth and death are unknown. Tiridates was the son of Vonones II of Parthia, and brother of Vologases I, who placed him on the throne of Armenia

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