Taler (Denomination, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Taler (en), Thaler (fr), Tálero (es), Tallero (it), Taler (de)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Thaler (en)


The Guldengroschen (Guldiner) issued by the Counts of Schlick in Joachimsthal (Jáchimov) were quickly labeled Joachimstaler (Joachimsthaler) or simply Taler (Thaler), hence introducing this term as a name for the now highly popular huge silver denomination equivalent to the gold gulden (florin). This nomisma_id serves to identify all similar coins (within mainly the German speaking world) issued during the following centuries while designated ids for specific types of Talers and foreign currency based on the Taler will have to be created in the future.

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