Strato III of Bactria (Person, Concept)

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Strato III of Bactria (en), Strato III (es), Straton III. (de), Στράτων Γ΄ Φιλοπάτωρ (el)Additional labels
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Strato III (en)


Strato III often called "Philopator" ("the Father-loving") was an Indo-Greek king who ruled c. 25 BCE to 10 CE in the Eastern Punjab. He is only known through the joint coins with his father Strato II. He may have been supplanted, in conjunction with his father or later as an independent king, by the Indo-Scythian Northern Satraps, particularly Rajuvula and Bhadayasa, whose coins were often copied on those of the last Indo-Greek kings.

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