Philip I Epiphanes Philadelphus (Person, Concept)

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Philip I Epiphanes Philadelphus (en), Philipp I. Philadelphos (de), Φίλιππος Α΄ Φιλάδελφος (el), Filipo I Filadelfo (es), Philippe Ier Philadelphe (fr), Filippo I Filadelfo (it)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Philippus Philadelphus (en)


Philip I Epiphanes Philadelphus ("God Manifest, Brother-loving") was the twenty-second king of the Seleucid Empire, reigning from c. 94/3 to perhaps 76/5 BC. A brother of Seleucus VI, Antiochus XI, and Demetrius III, Philip I ruled jointly with Antiochus XI in Cilicia in 94/3 BC. By 94/3 BC, Antiochus XI was dead and Philip I controlled parts of northern Syria. He was besieged at Beroea by Demetrius III in 88/7 BC, but the siege was lifted when Demetrius was captured by Philip's Parthian allies. Philip I subsequently ruled from Antioch and briefly managed to sieze Damascus from Antiochus XII. The ancient sources are unclear about the fate of Philip I, but he seems to have died by 76/5 BC.

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