Philetaerus (Person, Concept)

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Philetaerus (en), Philétairos (fr), Filetero (es), Filetero (it), Philetairos (de), Φιλέταιρος της Περγάμου (el)Additional labels
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Philetaerus (en)


Philetaerus was the founder of the Attalid dynasty of Pergamum. In 301 BC, Lysimachus appointed him to guard a treasury of 9,000 talents of silver at Pergamum. Amid the dynastic turmoil in Lysimachus' kingdom in 281 BC, Philetaerus invited Seleucus I to kill his master and take possession of the kingdom. After the deaths of Lysimachus and Seleucus I, he became an increasingly independent dynast. He was a eunuch and had no children of his own, adopting his nephew Eumenes I as his successor.

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