Orophernes of Cappadocia (Person, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Orophernes of Cappadocia (en), Oroferne di Cappadocia (it), Orophernes Nikephoros (de), Orofernes (es), Orophernès de Cappadoce (fr), Οροφέρνης της Καππαδοκίας (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Orophernes (en)


Orophernes Nicephorus (in Greek Oρoφέρνης Nικηφόρoς, also known as Olophernes) was one of the two sons Antiochis (the daughter of Antiochus III the Great) pretended to have had with Ariarathes IV, the king of Cappadocia because she failed to have children (the name of the other was Ariarathes). However, she then did bear a child, Mithridates, and told her husband about the fake sons. These were sent to Rome and Ionia respectively to avoid a succession dispute with the legitimate son, whose name was changed to Ariarathes and who succeeded his father as Ariarathes V in 163 BC. A few years later Orophernes deposed him with the help of Demetrius I Soter, who became the king of the Syria-based Seleucid Empire in 161 BC when he overthrew Antiochus V, an underage king, and his regent, Lysias. The reign of Orophernes was short-lived. The Romans restored Ariarathes V.

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