Orontid Dynasty (Family, Concept)

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Orontid Dynasty (en), Orontidi (it), Orontiden (de), Orontides (fr), Dinastía Oróntida (es), Δυναστεία των Οροντιδών (el)Additional labels


The Orontid dynasty was a hereditary Armenian dynasty who established their supremacy over Armenia around the time of the Scythian and Median invasion in the 6th century BC. Members of the Orontid dynasty ruled Armenia intermittently during the period spanning the 6th century BC to at least the 2nd century BC, first as client kings or satraps of the Median and Achaemenid empires who established an independent kingdom after the collapse of the Achaemenid empire, and later as kings of Sophene and Commagene who eventually succumbed to the Roman Empire.

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