Nikogenes the younger (Person, Concept)

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Nikogenes the younger (en)


Third magistrate attested in Athens in 135/134 BC. From Philaidai. Son of the other Nikogenes, who signed as third magistrate in the same issue 30 as well. Thus he held the third magistracy in the same year as his father. To distinguish two persons he was explicitly named "the younger" (ΝΙΚΟΓ ΝΕ[ώτερος]): See M. Thompson, The New Style Silver Coinage of Athens (1961) nos. 351, 353-354 / issue 30 (p. 576-577); C. Habicht, Zu den Münzmagistraten der Silberprägung des Neuen Stils, Chiron 21, 1991, pp. 5 and 19-20 (135/134 BC); Prosopographia Attica 10850; P. M. Fraser – E. Matthews, A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names II Attica (1994) p. 335 s. v. Nikogenes, no. 2; W. Leschhorn, Lexikon der Aufschriften auf griechischen Münzen II (2009) p. 713 s. v. Nikogenes.

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