Nabataean Kingdom (Organization, Concept)

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Nabataean Kingdom (en), Royaume nabatéen (fr), Regno nabateo (it), Reino nabateo (es)Additional labels
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Nabataea (en)


The Nabataean Kingdom (Arabic: المملكة النبطية‎, romanized: al-Mamlakah an-Nabaṭiyyah), also named Nabatea, was a political state of the Arab Nabataeans during classical antiquity. The Nabataean Kingdom controlled much of the trade routes of the region, amassing large wealth and drawing the envy of its neighbors. It stretched south along the Red Sea coast into the Hejaz, up as far north as Damascus, which it controlled for a short period (85–71 BC). Nabataea remained independent from the 4th century BC until it was annexed in AD 106 by the Roman Empire, which renamed it Arabia Petraea.

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