Mithradates III of Parthia (Person, Concept)

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Mithradates III of Parthia (en), Mithridate III de Parthie (fr), Mitrídates III de Partia (es), Μιθριδάτης Γ’ της Παρθίας (el), Mitridate III di Partia (it), Mithridates IV. (de)Additional labels
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Mithridates III (en)


Mithridates III was king of the Parthian Empire. He may have usurped the throne from Orodes I and ruled from 87-80 B.C. (Assar, Gholamreza F. (2006). A Revised Parthian Chronology of the Period 91-55 BC.). Older scholarship places him as the successor to Phraates III and fighting his brother, Orodes II, and ruling from 57-54 B.C. (now attributed to Mithradates IV).

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