Mithradates II of Parthia (Person, Concept)

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Mithradates II of Parthia (en), Mithridate II de Parthie (fr), Mitrídates II de Partia (es), Mitridate II di Partia (it), Mithridates II. (de), Μιθραδάτης Β΄ της Παρθίας (el)Additional labels
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Mithridates II (en)


Mithridates II was king of the Parthian Empire from 124 to 91 BC. He was known as "Mithridates the Great" in antiquity. He was the first Arsacid monarch to regularly use the title "King of Kings", thus stressing the association of the ruling Parthian dynasty with the Persian Achaemenid Empire.

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