Laodice V (Person, Concept)

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Laodice V (en), Laodike (de), Laodicé V (fr), Laodice V (it), Λαοδίκη Ε' της Συρίας (el), Laodice de Siria (es)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Laodice (en)


Laodice V (flourished 2nd century BC, died 150 BC) was a Seleucid princess. Through marriage to Perseus king of Macedon she was a Queen of the ruling Antigonid dynasty in Macedonia and possibly later of the Seleucid dynasty. Laodice was a daughter of the Seleucid King Seleucus IV Philopator and his wife, Laodice IV. She had two brothers: Antiochus and Demetrius I Soter. She was born and raised in the Seleucid Empire.

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