Eumenes I of Pergamum (Person, Concept)

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Eumenes I of Pergamum (en), Eumène Ier (fr), Eumenes I (es), Eumene I (it), Eumenes I. (de), Ευμένης Α' της Περγάμου (el)Additional labels
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Eumenes I (en)


Eumenes I was dynast (ruler) of the city of Pergamum in Asia Minor from 263 BC until his death in 241 BC. He was the son of Eumenes, the brother of Philetaerus, the founder of the Attalid dynasty, and Satyra, daughter of Poseidonius. As he had no children, Philetaerus adopted Eumenes to become his heir.

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