Euagoras II of Salamis (Person, Concept)

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Euagoras II of Salamis (en), Ευαγόρας Β΄ (el), Euagoras II. (de), Évagoras II (fr), Evagoras II (es), Evagora II (it)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Evagoras II (en)


Evagoras II or Euagoras II (Greek: Εὐαγόρας) was a king of the Ancient Greek city-state of Salamis in Cyprus, and later satrap for Achaemenid Persia in Phoenicia. He was possibly a son of his predecessor, Nicocles, and a grandson of Evagoras I. He followed a pro-Persian course, for which he was deposed ca. 351 BC by a popular revolt led by his nephew Pnytagoras, who succeeded him as king.

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