Kingdom of Chalcis (Organization, Concept)

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Kingdom of Chalcis (en), Royaume de Chalcis (fr)Additional labels
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Chalcis (en)


Chalcis was a small ancient Iturean majority kingdom situated in the Beqaa Valley, named for and originally based from the city of the same name. The ancient city of Chalcis (a.k.a. Chalcis sub Libanum, Chalcis of Coele-Syria was located midway between Berytus and Damascus. It was founded by Ptolemaeus, son of Menneus, an Ituraean dynast in about 85 B.C. as Seleucid influence diminished, but it became a Roman client-state ca. 60 B.C. under Pompey. It was absorbed into the Roman province of Syria in A.D. 92.

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