Kingdom of Bactria (Organization, Concept)

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Kingdom of Bactria (en), Royaume gréco-bactrien (fr), Reino grecobactriano (es), Regno greco-battriano (it), Griechisch-Baktrisches Königreich (de), Ελληνικό βασίλειο της Βακτριανής (el)Additional labels


The Bactrian Kingdom was – along with the Indo-Greek Kingdom – the easternmost part of the Hellenistic world, covering Bactria and Sogdiana in Central Asia from 250 to 125 BC. Diodotus, the satrap of Bactria (and probably the surrounding provinces) founded the Bactrian Kingdom when he seceded from the Seleucid Empire around 250 BC and became King Diodotus I of Bactria.

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