Ariobarzanes I (Person, Concept)

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Ariobarzanes I (en), Ariobarzane Ier de Cappadoce (fr), Ariobarzanes I de Capadocia (es), Ariobarzane I di Cappadocia (it), Ariobarzanes I. (de), Αριοβαρζάνης Α΄ της Καππαδοκίας (el)Additional labels
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Ariobarzanes I (en)


Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios ("Friend of the Romans") alternated with Ariarathes IX as ruler of Cappadocia between 95 and 85 BC. He was usually deposed by Tigranes II of Armenia as an ally of Mithradates VI of Pontus only to be restored by Roman generals. Between 83 and 67 BC he was also driven out of Cappadocia by the Armenian and Pontic kings. Ariobarzanes I was restored by the Romans for the last time in 66 BC. Three years later he abdicated in favor of his son, Ariobarzanes II.

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