antiochus_xiii (foaf:Person)

أنطيوخوس الثالث عشر (ar), Антыёх XIII Дыяніс Калінік (be), Антиох XIII Азиатик (bg), Antíoc XIII Asiàtic (ca), Antiochos 13. af Seleukideriget (da), Antiochos XIII. (de), Αντίοχος ΙΓ' Ασιατικός (el), Antiochus XIII (en), Antíoco XIII Asiático (es), Antioko XIII.a Asiarra (eu), آنتیوخوس سیزدهم (fa), Antiokhos XIII Asiatikos (fi), Antiochos XIII (fr), אנטיוכוס השלושה עשר (he), XIII. Antiokhosz szeleukida uralkodó (hu), Antioco XIII (it), アンティオコス13世 (ja), 안티오코스 13세 (ko), Antiochus XIII Asiaticus (la), Antiokos XIII Asiatikos (nb), Antiochus XIII Asiaticus (nl), Antioch XIII (pl), Antíoco XIII Asiático (pt), Антиох XIII Дионис Каллиник (ru), Antioh XIII Azijatik (sh), Antiochos XIII (sv), Антіох XIII Азійський (uk), Antiochos XIII Asiaticos (vi)
Antiochus XIII Philadelphus ("Brother-loving"), nicknamed Asiaticus ("the Asiatic," referring to his sojourn in Asia Minor during the Armenian occupation of Syria) was the twenty-third and last king of the Seleucid Empire. He ruled a state that was little more than Antioch and its environs first from 69/8 to 67 BC and again briefly in 65/4 BC. Antiochus XIII was installed on the throne by the Roman general L. Licinius Lucullus after the withdrawal of Tigranes II of Armenia from Syria. By 67 BC, however, the king faced a popular revolt and was captured by the Emesan dynast Sampsiceramus. He was replaced as king by Philip II, a son of Philip I, but seems to have returned to power in 65/4 BC. He was deposed by Popmpey, who made Syria a Roman province. (en)