antiochus_xii (foaf:Person)

أنطيوخوس الثاني عشر (ar), Антиох XII Дионисий (bg), Antíoc XII Dionisi (ca), Antiochos 12. af Seleukideriget (da), Antiochos XII. (de), Αντίοχος ΙΒ' Διόνυσος (el), Antiochus XII (en), Antíoco XII Dioniso (es), Antioko XII.a Dioniso (eu), آنتیوخوس دوازدهم (fa), Antiokhos XII Dionysos (fi), Antiochos XII (fr), אנטיוכוס השנים עשר (he), XII. Antiokhosz szeleukida uralkodó (hu), Antioco XII (it), 안티오코스 12세 (ko), Antiochus XII Dionysus (la), Antiokos XII Dionysos (nb), Antiochus XII Dionysus (nl), Antioch XII Dionizos (pl), Antíoco XII Dionísio (pt), Антиох XII Дионис (ru), Antioh XII Dioniz (sh), Antiochos XII (sv), Антіох XII Діоніс (uk), Antiochos XII Dionysos (vi), 安條克十二世 (zh)
Antiochus XII Dionysus Epiphanes Philopator Callinicus ("Dionysus Manifest, Father-loving, Nobly-victorious") was the twenty-second king of the Seleucid Empire, reigning from 87/6 to 83/2 BC. A brother of Seleucus VI, Demetrius III, Antiochus XI, and Philip I, Antiochus XII succeeded Demetrius III at Damascus after Demetrius III was carried off by the Parthians. He made no attempt to expand his power into northern Syria, but concentrated his energies on wars against the Nabataen Arabs and the Jewish priest-king, Alexander Jannaeus. Antiochus XII was killed while campaigning against the Nabataeans in 83/2 BC and his army left to die of hunger in the desert wasteland around the Dead Sea. Aretas III, the Nabataean king, was subsequently invited to rule Damascus. (en)