Antiochus VII Euergetes (Person, Concept)

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Antiochus VII Euergetes (en), Antiochos VII (fr), Antíoco VII Evergetes (es), Antioco VII (it), Antiochos VII. (de), Αντίοχος Ζ' Σιδήτης (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Antiochus VII of Syria (en)


Antiochus VII Euergetes ("the Benefactor"), nicknamed Sidetes ("the Sidetan" after Side, a city in Asia Minor where he had once resided), was the king of the Seleucid Empire, reigning from 138 to 129 BC. After repressing the usurper Tryphon at the beginning of his reign, Antiochus VII consolidated his authority in Syria and Coele Syria before embarking on a grand campaign to restore the eastern territories of the empire that had fallen to the Arsacid Parthians. The king reclaimed Mesopotamia, Babylonia, and Media, but was ambushed and killed with the bulk of his army during a Parthian-supported uprising in Media in the winter of 130–129 BC.

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