Antiochus VI Dionysus (Person, Concept)

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Antiochus VI Dionysus (en), Antiochos VI (fr), Antíoco VI Dioniso (es), Antioco VI (it), Antiochos VI. (de), Αντίοχος Στ' Διόνυσος (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Antiochus VI of Syria (en)


Antiochus VI Dionysus was the thirteenth king of the Seleucid Empire, reigning from 144 to c. 142 BC. This young son of Alexander I was proclaimed king by the Seleucid general Diodotus (Tryphon) in opposition to Demetrius II in 144 BC. His center of power was initially at Chalcis by Belus, but soon took control of Apamea. With the support of the disaffected military forces around that city, Antiochus VI and Tryphon forced Demetrius out of Antioch in 143 BC. The influence of Antiochus VI expanded further into Cilicia, Coele Syria, and Phoenicia in c. 142 BC, before he suddenly died under mysterious circumstances and Diodotus assumed the kingship in his own name.

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