Antiochus Hierax (Person, Concept)

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Antiochus Hierax (en), Antiochos Hiérax (fr), Antíoco Hierax (es), Antioco Ierace (it), Antiochos Hierax (de), Αντίοχος Ιέραξ (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Antiochus III (en)


Antiochus Hierax ("the Hawk") was the younger brother of Seleucus II who was appointed viceroy of Asia Minor during the Third Syrian War (246-241 BC) between Seleucus II and Ptolemy III. In c. 242 BC Hierax proclaimed himself king and began the War of the Brothers (c. 241-236 BC) against Seleucus II. Hierax ultimately lost his kingdom and escaped to Thrace, where he was killed by Galatians in 227 BC.

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