Cleopatra Selene (Person, Concept)

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Cleopatra Selene (en), Cléopâtre V Séléné (fr), Cleopatra Selene I (es), Cleopatra Selene (it), Kleopatra V. (de), Κλεοπάτρα Σελήνη Α΄ (el)Additional labels


Cleopatra Selene ("Moon") reigned jointly with her young son Antiochus XIII Philometor ("Mother-loving") in the environs of Damascus from c. 83/2 to sometime before 75 BC. Celopatra Selene was was a Ptolemaic princess who was married in sequence to Antiochus VIII, Antiochus IX, and Antiochus X. She had two sons by Antiochus X: Antiochus XIII and an unknown brother whose name may have been Seleucus. The extent of her power in Syria is very much unclear. In 75 BC, Cleopatra sent both her sons to Rome to press a claim to Ptolemaic Egypt, but this was denied. They seem to have been making their way home through Asia Minor when Tigranes II of Armenia invaded Syria and captured their mother in c. 69 BC. Cleopatra Selene was imprisoned at Seleucia (Zeugma) and ultimately killed.

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