Gn. Pedanius Fuscus Salinator (Person, Concept)

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Gn. Pedanius Fuscus Salinator (en)


Proconsul (Anthypatos) in Asia in the period between AD 98 and 102. The year of his consulate is not known, consul suffectus before AD 87. His name is attested in inscriptions (e.g. as dedicator of a statue of the Hiera Synkletos, the Romane Senate, in Ephesus) and appears on coins in various cities: in Cyzicus/Mysia (ЄΠΙ ΦΟΥCΚΟΥ lacking a title), in Smyrna/Ionia (ΑСΙ ΦΟΥCΚΩ ΑΝΘΥ…), and in Thyatira/Lydia (ΑΝΘΥΠΑΤΩ ΦΟΥCΚΩ). Lit.: PIR VI 2nd ed. (1989) p. 70-71 no. P199 (Pedanius); G. R. Stumpf, Numismatische Studien zur Chronologie der römischen Statthalter in Kleinasien (1991) pp. 259-261 nos. 534-537 (Cyzicus), no. 538 (Smyrna) and nos. 539-543 (Thyatira) (AD 98-102); RPC III p. 156 and nos. 1490-1491 (Cyzicus, AD 98-102), no. 1964 (Smyrna, AD 98/99?) and nos. 1815-1817 (Thyatira, AD 98/99?); W. Leschhorn, Lexikon der Aufschriften auf griechischen Münzen II (2009) p. 883 with note 8 s. v. Phouskos (AD 98-117).

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