Caecilius Alypianos (Person, Concept)

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Caecilius Alypianos (en)


Archon in Cyzicus/Mysia c. AD 177-179. His name appears on coins bearing the portrait of young Commodus, and in combination with his title of Archon, see RPC IV,2 (online) Temp. no. 723 (AD 177-179). Lit.: W. Leschhorn, Lexikon der Aufschriften auf griechischen Münzen II (2009) p. 312 s. v. Alypianos (AD 177-192); Th. Corsten (ed.), Lexicon of Greek Personal Names V A. Coastal Asia Minor (2010) p. 22 s. v. Alypianos (no. 5) (AD 177-192).

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