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Second magistrate attested in Athens in 103/102 BC. From Halai. Son of the first magistrate Hikesos (Habicht 1991, p. 10). Author of tragedies as his uncle (named Asklepiades as well). He was victorious at the Serapeia in Tanagra in the same year Poses (magistrate of the following issue 63 in 102/101 BC) was successful with a comedy (cf. Habicht 1991, p. 10): See M. Thompson, The New Style Silver Coinage of Athens (1961) nos. 809, 811, 812-822 / issue 62 (p. 557); C. Habicht, Zu den Münzmagistraten der Silberprägung des Neuen Stils, Chiron 21, 1991, pp. 5 and 10 (103/102 BC); Prosopographia Attica 2586; P. M. Fraser – E. Matthews, A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names II Attica (1994) p. 74 s. v. Asklepiades, no. 105; H. B. Mattingly, NC 157, 1997, p. 259; W. Leschhorn, Lexikon der Aufschriften auf griechischen Münzen II (2009) p. 376 s. v. Asklepiades.

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