Get Data

Data for concepts are made open with a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). These data can be reused for any purpose, both commercial and non-commercial. Third party contributions to the Linked Open Data ecosystem (types, hoards, coins, etc.) come with separate rights or license statements. See the datasets page for further details and links to download RDF for partner data.

Bulk Downloads

The Nomisma concepts are regenerated nightly and available as a bulk download in RDF/XML, JSON-LD, and RDF Turtle syntax.

These concepts are committed to a Github repository nightly, and versions can be tracked back to 2012.

Partner datasets are available for download, primarily as RDF/XML. Please refer to each institution’s rights and/or license statements regarding reuse.

Nomisma Mint and Region concepts with geographic coordinates are accessible as Linked Places GeoJSON-LD format: download

Accessing Data Through Web Services

It is possible to access Nomisma linked data through a variety of web services, either about individual concepts or any class of object integrated into Nomisma’s SPARQL endpoint.

Individual Concepts

Nomisma supports delivery of individual concepts in a variety of models and serializations through both REST and content negotiation. Content negotiation (with the accept header) requests should be sent to the URI space http://nomisma/id/. Requesting an unsupported content type will result in an HTTP 406: Not Acceptable error.

Model REST Content Type
HTML{$id} text/html
GeoJSON{$id}.geojson application/vnd.geo+json
KML{$id}.kml application/
RDF/XML{$id}.rdf application/rdf+xml
Turtle{$id}.ttl text/turtle
JSON-LD (Nomisma profile){$id}.jsonld application/ld+json
JSON-LD (Linked Art profile) application/ld+json;profile=\"\"

SPARQL Endpoint

The SPARQL endpoint is a deployment of Apache Fuseki, which conforms to the W3C’s SPARQL 1.1 specification. See the endpoint page for further details about URL parameters and content negotiation.