Rhoemetalces III of Thrace (Person, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Rhoemetalces III of Thrace (en), Rhémétalcès III (fr), Remetalce III (it), Ροιμητάλκης Γ΄ (el)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Rhoemetalces III (en)


Rhoemetalces III (Greek: Ῥoιμητάλκης) was a King of the Thracians. He was the son of the Monarch Rhescuporis II. He in association with his cousin-wife Pythodoris II were client rulers of the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace under the Romans from AD 38 to 46, in succession to Pythodoris’ mother Tryphaena and her brother Rhoemetalces II.

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