Dentheletae (Organization, Concept)

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Dentheletae (en), Δενθηλήτες (el)Additional labels
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Dentheleten (de)
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Δενθελῆται (el)
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Danthaletae (en)


The Dentheletae (Greek: Δενθελῆται), also Danthaletae (Δανθαλῆται) or Denseletae, were a Thracian tribe that in antiquity lived near the sources of the River Strymon, and are mentioned in texts by Polybius, Cassius Dio, Tacitus and by Livy. They lived in the neighbourhoods of the modern towns Kyustendil (ancient Pautalia) and Dupnitsa (ancient Germania, "hot" in Thracian due the springs), stretching to as far as the mountains to the west towards the valleys of the Morava and the Vardar river, with territories situated next to the Thracian tribes Agrianes (per Theopompus) and the Maedi (per Strabo). Their main city, called Dentheletica, was presumably Pautalia (modern-day Kyustendil) as this was the capital of the Roman reigion Dentheletica. They possibly built fortifications around Stara Planina in the 1st century BC, lived around Sofia and Skaptopara (modern Blagoevgrad) was their town.

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