Cersobleptes of Thrace (Person, Concept)

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Preferred Label
Cersobleptes of Thrace (en), Kersebleptes (de), Κερσοβλέπτης (el), Cersobleptes (es), Cersoblette (it)Additional labels
Alternate Label
Cersobleptes (en)


Cersobleptes (Greek: Kερσoβλέπτης), also spelled Kersobleptes, Kersebleptes, and Cersebleptes, was son of Cotys, king of Thrace, on whose death in 358 BC he inherited the kingdom in conjunction with Berisades and Amadocus II, who were probably his brothers. He was very young at the time, and the whole management of his affairs was assumed by the Euboean adventurer, Charidemus, who was connected by marriage with the royal family. The area controlled by Cersobleptes was east of the river Hebrus.

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