Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia (Family, Concept)

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Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia (en), Arsacides (Arménie) (fr), Arsakiden (de), arsacidi d'Armenia (it), Dinastía arsácida de Armenia (es), Δυναστεία των Αρσακιδών της Αρμενίας (el)Additional labels
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Arshakuni (en)


The Arsacid dynasty of Armenia, or Arshakuni, ruled the Kingdom of Armenia from 54 to 428. The dynasty was a branch of the Arsacid dynasty of Parthia. Arsacid Kings reigned intermittently throughout the chaotic years following the fall of the Artaxiad dynasty until 62 when Tiridates I secured Arsacid dynasty of Parthia rule in Armenia.

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