Arsaces I of Partha (Person, Concept)

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Arsaces I of Partha (en), Arsace Ier de Parthie (fr), Arsaces (es), Arsace I di Partia (it), Arsakes I. (de), Αρσάκης Α΄ της Παρθίας (el)Additional labels


Arsaces I was the first king of Parthia, as well as the founder and eponym of the Arsacid dynasty of Parthia, ruling from 247 BC to 217 BC. The leader of the Parni, one of the three tribes of the Dahae confederacy, Arsaces founded his dynasty in the mid-3rd century BC when he conquered the satrapy of Parthia (today's eastern Turkmenistan) from Andragoras, who had rebelled against the Seleucid Empire.

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