Ariarathes VIII (Person, Concept)

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Ariarathes VIII (en), Ariarathe VIII (fr), Ariarates VIII (es), Ariarate VIII di Cappadocia (it), Αριαράθης Η΄ της Καππαδοκίας (el)Additional labels
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Ariarathes VIII (en)


Ariarathes VIII Eusebes Epiphanes ("Pious, God Manifest") claimed the kingship in Cappadocia between c. 100 and 95 BC. This son of Ariarathes VI was invited by the Cappadocians to overthrow the deeply unpopular Ariarathes IX. He raised an army to press his claims to the throne, but was ultimately defeated in battle by Ariarathes IX's father, Mithradates VI of Pontus. Ariarathes VIII then fled Cappadocia and died in exile shortly thereafter.

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